AO Features

AO brings people and Artificial Intelligence together so your digital marketing team can run its best campaign ever.

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Incredibly Smart

AO's smarts come from advanced reinforcement learning A.I. It is constantly running micro-trails across your campaign to archive the strongest results

Intelligent Bidding

AO intelligently changes bids across every hour and every keyword across your search campaigns.

Demographic Management

AO distributes your budget across all demographics, from Gender to Location to obtain the strongest results.

How it works.

The minute you sign up to AO and give the A.I access to your Google Adwords campaign, AO begins assessing your existing keywords and bidding strategy. It factors in competitor spend to build the initial bidding strategy and while this is happening, you can modify AO to your specific marketing goals - whether that be ROI, CPC or maintaining a particular ad position. Once the assessment, modelling, and personalisation is complete, AO takes over your account.

With control of your account and a comprehensive understanding of the history of your campaign, AO begins to explore alternate bidding strategies. The power of AO comes from its ability to change bid price at a keyword level, on an hourly basis. This microscopic attention to detail generates greater results for your campaign as AO is both proactive and reactive, setting the bid price that it predicts will generate the best results, whilst also adjusting prices when competitors make changes in their own bids.

AO is also capable of Smart Allocation. Smart Allocation identifies high and low performing keywords and moves budget to the higher performing words. This strengthens your campaigns results and ensures greater impact, no matter your budget. Concurrently, an exploration of different demographic dimensions also takes place, which helps identify key market segments that could be better targeted. Over time, this multifaceted exploration leads to the most effective strategy for each and every keyword within your campaign. What is more, AO is designed to always be seeking better results for your campaign, and will continue to adjust and explore new ideas for as long as it is working on your campaign.

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